"The Badger Flashlight is by far superior to any flashlight I can find at this price!"

Review of Badger BX-1500 Technical Flashlight by Officer Ellison

I have been in Law Enforcement for over twelve years and have used many different flashlights throughout my career. As an Evidence Technician working on nights, I need to rely heavily on a good flashlight to perform my duties.

I compared the BX-1500 with two separate Streamlight models that I, along with many colleagues, have used over the years.

Streamlight Strion LED

Streamlight Stinger LED HL

Badger BX-1500

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In my comparison I viewed the lighting of the BX-1500 side by side with the Strion LED and with the Stinger LED HL. The difference is incredible, as you can see in my photos.

Strion LED

Stinger LED HL


The BX-1500 has numerous features making this flashlight far exceed the performance of the other flashlights in this price range.

The maximum output is 1500 lumens, much more than is offered for the price of other flashlights. Toggling through the five brightness settings allows for proper light usage in different settings. It also allows you to maintain longer battery life by using a lower brightness setting. Being able to set the light to one of the five settings is beneficial when trying to remain discreet. The others I compared start at the highest level every time the light is turned on. The strobe and SOS settings can be nice features as well.

One major issue I have with the other lights is there is no warning prior to the battery dying. They go from max power with the light on, to a dead battery with no light at all. The feeling of having a light die in the middle of an emergency can be very unsettling and dangerous. The Badger BX-1500 has the light up button on the side that remains a steady blue while the light is on with a good charge. The light begins to blink when the battery life reaches 20%.

The charging cord for the BX-1500 is USB compatible allowing for easy charging in your vehicle. The design of the tail switch helps prevent accident light activation while not in use. The size of the light is small enough to carry on your belt or in a pocket. I prefer to carry it in my outer carrier.

After extensive due diligence, I will be carrying the Badger BX-1500!

Thanks and stay safe,
Officer Ellison

One. Mean. Light.

The BX-1500 Flashlight

Stays Charged for 2 Years

1500 Lumens

5-Year Warranty

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